Hybrid research

  Currently, there is a differentiation between fundamental research and applied science. In general, universities are focused in the first one, based on increasing knowledge, while companies look for applied science. Not only are they interested in its short term… Leer más →

FAQ’s for a PhD

Commonly used in customer service, FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions. Being a PhD people is usually asking me the same things. It could be surprising that society has a lack of knowledge about these issues; however, those who are in… Leer más →

Nuclear chemistry could be the solution to world energy crisis

Carbon dioxide is a major environmental problem, despite the efforts done by scientist in order to find new energy sources, most of them are not totally carbon free. Electric cars for instance, require the production of electricity. Not until a… Leer más →

What do you say to your relatives or friends when they ask you what is the utility of your research?

Every scientist has been asked what is the utility of your research? Sometimes is difficult to find the answer, especially when you do not expect this question. This is common among scientists, especially among those involved in basic research. Basic… Leer más →

An invention could change everything

History has provided many examples of inventions which have changed society. Agriculture modified the style of live by changing nomadic for sedentary life. This fact allowed a growth of population and the beginning of bureaucracy. Another big jump was the… Leer más →

Sceptical people is essential

Skepticism is the ability of question everything established. Skeptical people use to search splitting hairs, sometimes this kind of people can be considered like a pain in the ass. But in some cases this quality can lead people to new… Leer más →

Future Job

When I began this post I was wrong; I started using the idea of jobs in twenty century and without seeking for the future. This argument led me to address this issue like a change in the occupations, the main statement… Leer más →

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