Commonly used in customer service, FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions. Being a PhD people is usually asking me the same things. It could be surprising that society has a lack of knowledge about these issues; however, those who are in research could be biased. Thus, what is obvious for us can be unknown for the rest of humans. 

What is the utility of a PhD?

A PhD has been trained about scientific method during a period which lasts about 3-5 years. Not only is scientific method applied to pure science but also to humanities. This tool is essential to solve problems. By the use of a systematic approach it is possible to analyse a question proposing different solution, carrying out tests and experiments in order to find an answer. Objectivity as well as the possibility of continuous revision are traits of this method which alternatives are based on bias and subjectivity. Finding bibliography in addition to reliable information are other of the most important skills of a PhD.

In addition to individual skills, becoming a PhD requires teamwork among members of scientific community. A candidate must interact with other professionals in conferences, publishing results in peer review papers or cooperating with professors as well as other members of their research group.

Working under pressure is another trait of a PhD student. During the thesis it is essential to meet deadlines in order to obtain grants, submit papers or even to finish the PhD. Researching is an uncertain activity, therefore, candidates are always facing problems. The lack of successful results is really common among these brave students. As a consequence it is possible to state that a PhD is ready to overcome difficulties.

Why do you decided to do a PhD?

Surprisingly, it is believed that a PhD is only a requirement to become a teacher. Nonetheless, motivations to become a Doctor could be diverse. Not only could it be a personal challenge but also a way to increase your skills and knowledge. Considering a PhD simply a sacrifice to obtain a better life in your future is a major mistake. People with this mind-set are completely wrong.

Being a scientist it is supposed that you are willing to work in a lab.

It is commonly believed that scientists just want a job in a lab. Nevertheless, the scientific method is really useful in many different scenarios. These kind of trained minds are able to solve problems in a wide range of situations. As it is stated in the title of a well-known book, we are able to “manage the inmanagable”.

Could the time that you have spent doing your PhD professional experience?

Despite the fact that university and companies are different worlds it is necessary to create bridges between them. This gap must be filled by doctors. Academic research experience is helpful to face the challenges in a company. Of course, a period of induction is always required in order to adapt the scientific mind to a world where practical viability as well as economics are relevant. Notwithstanding the experience gained in University has a great value and it is a really beneficial for business.