History has provided many examples of inventions which have changed society. Agriculture modified the style of live by changing nomadic for sedentary life. This fact allowed a growth of population and the beginning of bureaucracy. Another big jump was the discovery of printing. This invention enabled the creation of texts passing by introducing oral transmission of knowledge to written. The steam engine revolutionized transport and was a precursor to current combustion engines. While in the field of communications the telegraph and the telephone gave rise to major changes and were the matrix from which emerged internet. In addition to these great landmarks of history, others less historical as the washing machine also had a great effect when releasing their tasks human being.


Currently internet is already a mature technology, it is known to all the transforming capacity that the network has had on society, commerce, even in personal relationships. Internet is making great changes like notions of property. Thus the philosophy of commons was created, an open license system whose purpose is to share and not trade. This new philosophy of life contradicts the individualists that seek the ownership of the property to them out benefits. The commons are being expressed in the form of pictures, books, music and any property that can be transmitted electronically. However the true potential of this new philosophy is still unhatched and it will do when 3D printers reach maturity. Therefore I dare to put the 3D printer at the same level of Ā great inventions described in previous paragraph.

If the printing press led to the mass distribution of the texts, the combustion engine facilitated transport and internet revolutionized the transmission of information; 3D printer is going to revolutionize manufacturing. There will come a day when everyone has a small domestic factory, at this time all transportation logistics meaningless. Currently many goods are manufactured in the Far East because labor is cheaper, these goods are brought by boat, which despite its cost increase is offset by a large economy of scale. But what happens when those come can be sent without any cost online and printed locally, either in our homes or in stores with a specialized 3D printer? Current system of large corporations that control the production and earning profits based on large-scale manufacturing could stagger when this invention becomes popular. The commons philosophy goes hand in hand with this sociological change, teams will be in 3D replication and even homes will be shops where one can take your designs and print your objects. At this stage also thanks to the commons we will have libraries of designs available and free. Why will the commons gift to others their designs? Very simple, for the common good, if you design a dryer today perhaps another creative mind will design an iron and thus the two will enjoy these objects.


The driving force of this great change does not end in the commons or 3D technology. The current model of consumption and steady growth is endangering the health of the planet. Therefore, this new system could also be the beginning of a more sustainable and respectful with the environment world as soon as 3D printing materials can be recycled and recyclable world. And it does not end in objects, currently large energy production plants are required, however green energy can be produced on a small scale using the sun or wind. The popularization of green energy production would also be a great contribution to saving the planet. Surely the commons and 3D printers help us have solar or wind generators in our homes in the future.