Actually jogging is trending. Many people started to take part in popular races and runners are everywhere, in parks, in the countrysideā€¦ even when it is cold and it is raining. People who do not run could think ā€œare they crazy?ā€

Perhaps the will of a healthy lifestyle is the reason for most of runners. Our society has become superficial and everyone wants a perfect body. Furthermore running can allow you to lose weight, stay fit, sleep better and improve your cardiovascular health. But physical are not the only benefits of this activity. If you run, your body starts to create endorphins; hormones which can make you feel happy and active. After this sportive activity you feel encouraged.

During the exercise time people use to think about their problems and questions. In these conditions your brain is full of oxygen and some studies state that you are able to think clear. Endorphins also help in that task; they provide you an optimistic point of view.

The stronger point of this popular behavior is that we are going to have a healthier society. The problem is when this activity becomes an obsession. Nowadays it is common to see people dying in popular races because they suffer heart attacks. Some amateur athletes take part in competitions without the correct training. A person who has never run more than 10 Km cannot run a marathon. In my opinions races of more than 15 Km should be only for professional athletes who compete under medical supervision.

It is clear that running is a good habit. How to start? The best moment to start is summer, because of the weather. I recommend you to start step by step, run 10 minutes far from your home and you will run other 10 minutes to come back. Start in this way and increase the minutes. In a few months you would be able to run 30 minutes and other ones in the returning way. Letā€™s try the effect of endorphins.