Skepticism is the ability of question everything established. Skeptical people use to search splitting hairs, sometimes this kind of people can be considered like a pain in the ass. But in some cases this quality can lead people to new discoveries, for example if Cristobal Columbus would not have questioned the flat earth he had never discovered America. Nevertheless, nowadays skeptical people are in danger of extinction. Out of science topics established beats skeptical opinions thus skeptical people can be pursuit and publicly derided but this is not new, throughout history have had many examples of people pursued for defend their opinions like Giordano Bruno’s was murdered by Holy inquisition for defending the heliocentric solar system.  Fortunately today nobody is killed for refuse a scientific theory; at least you are not killed for this, but in some topics argue against official version give rise to difficult. For example a topic which is much politicized is climate change, if a scientist challenge IPCC ideas will be described as a denier and probably will be accused of working for an oil company. Without the intention of denying climate change importance, not even denying the need of take action of this kind to avoid troubles caused by the use of fossil fuels, perhaps it would be better a less dogmatic conduct which allow more points of view in order to find the scientific reality.

After years, science has learned to accept skepticism. Nevertheless society is much more conservative. Demonstration of this fact is next one; more dogmatic topics are those who are the most politicized. For instance it is very difficult to argue for nuclear energy because politically is virtually impossible to convince citizens to install a nuclear plant in their surrounding area. When in the scientific debate is not enough to distinguish between right and wrong politically, skepticism becomes much more difficult.

What would be the consequences of always think extremely skeptical? This behavior should make impossible every task. For example to make a chemical reaction it is necessary to assume some theories, like bond theories even if they are not completely true. This total skepticism questions everything. But, in the other side, what would be happened if skepticism had never existed? In this case we would accept everything as it was established and evolution of the society would be stopped. As conclusion skepticism is a good quality, it is very good to ask questions and at last term evaluate pros and cons about each decision. Not always is recommended to accept everything that is show in the books, even sometimes is important to have the face to use arguments despite they could be politically incorrect.